Strategic analysis of Royal Versailles Hotel’s positioning


Client: Royal Versailles Hotel
Date: March 2014
Sector: Hotel
CLIENT DESCRIPTION: Our client is an hotel in Montreal who wanted to evaluate and optimize its strategy on the internet to make thoughtful choice on the marketing strategy going to be implemented. With the rise of recommendations websites like TripAdvisor and of social media, our client wanted to the objective opinion of externe consultants, expert in marketing.
MANDATE DESCRIPTION : We were mandated to realize a complete analysis of our client’s positioning on the internet. The analysis included the evaluation of the strengths and the weakness of the web platform, the analysis of the natural referencing, the identification of the visitors path (keys words and criteria searched), the comparison with the direct competition, the comparison of the presence on social media, the comparison of the reviews on TripAdvisor. The results are challenged by the analysis tools offered by the BDC in order to offer strategic recommendations.
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