Key Visual building – Book project for childs

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Client: D. Petrulian
Date: 2014
Sector: Editor

CLIENT DESCRIPTION: Our client wants to launch a collection of musical pieces for young children.

MANDATE DESCRIPTION: We have been mandated to support our client in the development of all its communication tools.

The first step is to create the visual identity of the two main characters who are the dog called Mouf and the young girl named Bella. They will be the featured characters for these books.

Our approach is to create characters who will be able to interprete the various roles which will be required, according to the initial idea of the client and our arstists’ visions.

This graphic design was made of several rounds between designers, project managers and the author to be able to materialize the initial idea of the artist.

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One thought on “Key Visual building – Book project for childs

  1. En tant qu’auteure de ce merveilleux projet, je tiens à féliciter l’équipe de Taktik pour son professionalisme. Définir un personnage qui part d’une idée, d’un rêve, est un exploit que seulement les grands artistes, versatils dans leur imagination, sont capables de faire. Taktik a réussi haut la main. Mes personnages vivent aujourd’hui, grâce à eux. Merci et … on continue !

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