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WEB Analysis

The website is at the heart of any modern business that wants to grow and grow. It is important that your company not only has a clear position on this point, but also has internal resources that are at minimum able to understand the different aspects involved and that are able to judge the relevance of the strategies. implemented and results obtained. These trainings will allow you to make sure you master the basic elements or develop them according to the knowledge already acquired.

  • Training about knowledge development and analysis capabilities of a website
  • Training about how to use tools to analyze SEO
  • Training about how to use tools to improve SEO
  • Training about how to use Google Analytics


Positioning your website is now the key in a digital world where thousands of customers are available at the click of a mouse. Develop your knowledge of the different options available to you, the possibilities, the realistic results you should expect and the tools available to you to ensure that you can manage the budgets invested and the results achieved.

  • Training about how to use Google Ads
  • Training about how to use Facebook Ads
  • Training about AB testing method
  • Training about the main broadcasting networks solutions
  • Training about the « Growth hacking »

Social media

The good management of your company’s corporate presence is very different from what people are used to doing on social media in their personal lives. Make sure you know the best practices, the expectations of users on the various social media but also know how to manage the good as the less good comments therein. We will be able to adapt our trainings according to your basic knowledge to make sure that this training suits you perfectly.

  • Customised training regarding the social media main strategy
  • Training about how to use Facebook
  • Training about how to use Youtube
  • Training about how to use Instagram
  • Training about how to use LinkedIn
  • raining in the creation and implementation of content strategy and publication schedule
  • Marketing automation software (Ex:, HubSpot, Pardot, Active Campaign etc …)

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