Our digital process

Customers request may vary widely, therefore, it is important to have a process that can adapt to any situations. Here are the details of our web creation process.

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  • Discovery

    Listen carefully. Define needs. Identify opportunities.

    Understand issues and growth opportunities. Define competition goals and targets. Technical Consulting.
  • Planning & Strategy

    Analyse & evaluate perspective and angles of attack. Make a game plan.

    Brainstorming. Open discussion and debate. “Full patch” strategy development.
  • UX Design / Wireframe

    Design the user journey.

    Architecture planning. Plan the customer’s experience. Plan the mobile Experience.
  • UI Design

    Envision and create the experience.

    Design creation. Best Practices. Responsive Design.
  • Build & Integrate.

    Make it work

    Website, Ecommerce or Web Applications. CMS. Multiplatform.
  • Deploy

    Test and launch.

    Optimization. Testing. Sustaining.
  • Propel

    SEO – SEM – Digital marketing.

    SEO optimisation. SEM Settup. Digital strategy depployment.