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Construction Jolivar
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Client: Construction Jolivar
Date: March 2013
Sector: Construction


CLIENT DESCRIPTION: Our client is a construction company which wanted to update its marketing tools and improve the presentation of its commercial projects.

MANDATE DESCRIPTION: We conceived the website of “Construction Jolivar”.

This website is dynamic (integration of a CMS), it offers the possibility for our client to change by himself the text and images of his website in the sections provided for this purpose. We can also take care of the daily management of the website, if our client wishes.

The advantages of this type of website are plural. In addition to the 100% customizable design according to our client taste, we work to optimize organic referencing. Referencing is the rating given by search engine like Google to a website, this rating determines the page where a website appears in search results.

Here are the technical specificities of Construction Jolivar’s Website :

  • Dynamic website with simplified change management system
  • Bilingualism of content
  • Integration of a blog engine on the home page to facilitate the dynamism of the page and also the frequency of updates
  • Core optimization of the website for natural referencing
  • Implementation of a result management system (Analytics)
  • Creation of social media accounts
  • Integration of social media
  • Dynamic slideshow
  • Integrated management of properties

We also realized the logos for our client’s construction projects.

Please contact us to evaluate your needs. Please contact us to evaluate your needs. Taktik Communication: Start up specialist… Professionnal branding – Website – Printed material. Tel.: 514.722.1049

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