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Branding: 6ième Sens

Client : 6ième Sens
Date : June 2015
Sector : Management, Business, Finance

CLIENT DESCRIPTION: Our client, 6ième Sens has grown by helping to grow multiple other businesses as well.

MANDATE DESCRIPTION: We were mandated to implement several marketing tools to strengthen their professional image, improve their visibility, while increasing their clientele.

The first step was the creation of the logo, followed by developing a professional website on which our client can update products and complementary services.

The 6ième Sens’s website therefore includes the following particularities:

  • Dynamic website with simplified content management system
  • Integration of a blog engine to facilitate webpage dynamism and updates frequency
  • Core optimization of the website for natural referencing
  • Implementation of a result management system (Analytics)
  • Integration of social media
  • Integration of bilingualism

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