M Lorraine Sandwich Panels and Banners – Magma Group

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Client: Magma Group
Date: January 2015
Sector: Construction – Real Estate
URL: LeMLorraine.com

CLIENT DESCRIPTION: Our client is a general contractor, specialized in formwork and concrete structure, real estate development and luxury condos. His most recent project is the condominiums complexe M Lorraine.

MANDATE DESCRIPTION: We were mandated to work with our client on printing and constructing billboards for the condominiums complexe M Lorraine. The concept is to ensure a good visibility to the project in order to fasten the condominiums’ sales.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS: We ordered banners which were especially made for our client, since they are strong and heavy enough to resist to the weather of winter in Quebec.

Sandwich panels were placed all along the bigger road of Lorraine city in order to make the visibility of the project better.

Previously we had provided mobile banners for summer times so that they could be removed easily to suit with municipality’s needs.

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