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Client: FC 51 Custom
Date: 2014
Sector: Sport  
URL : FC51 Custom.com  

CLIENT DESCRIPTION: Our client is a company that customizes bykes to reach their clients’ dreams. They needed a tunk key solution for their website to enable them to update it easily without having to learn so much techniques to manage their Internet tool.  

MANDATE DESCRIPTION: Our client wanted a site that is dynamic including a CMS that enables him to adapt the content easily. He also wished that his website could be adapted in the future to its changing needs. It had to remain in a quite reasonable budget. We developed a custom website with these requirements. Here are the technical specificities of FC 51 Custom’s Website:

  • Dynamic website with simplified change management system (SCMS)
  • Core optimization of the website for natural referencing (SEO)
  • Integration of social media
  • Integration of bilingualism

Please contact us to evaluate your needs.Taktik Communication: Start up specialist… Professionnal branding – Website – Printed material. Tel.: 514.722.1049

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