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Client: Luxury Retreats
Date: December 2012
Sector: Real Estate

Samples of maple syrup bottles with Luxury Retreats’ logo etched in color.
These bottles are meant to be corporate gifts sent during Christmas time, or to underline a special event.

Regarding corporate gifts, the concept is interesting because you offer a extraordinary and high-end present which will be used and appreciated all year long by your clients.

Having maple syrup, using the wood box, we noticed that the clients tend to keep and reuse theses objects.
Maple Syrup :
The maple syrup comes from a local organic producer. Like a good wine, the richness and the savour of a good maple syrup come from the soil of the sugar bush and the tree species in it. We carefully select our partners to offer you a rang of customized high-end corporate gifts which are going to please your clients.
Customization of the bottle:
The customization can be made sandblasting by local artist or engraving by laser according to the needs and the complexity of the project.
The wood boxes we offer are also hand-made in a small workshop in Quebec.

We are proud to offer you high-end corporate gifts made by local artists.


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